Asset Based Solutions

IT Products

Tecsource International has experience in developing and managing products. Tecsource International has created and delivered products and managed product lifecycles for internal and external products. Our engineering teams act as an extension of our customers teams - responsible for delivering results on time and within budget.

Product Based Services

Tecsource International provides Products Based Service . They are known to be user-friendly, flexible, comprehensive, and trailblazers in their respective areas.

Global Consulting

IT Consulting

Tecsource International IT Consulting provides fact-based consulting services to help our clients use and manage IT to enable business performance. Our consulting business solutions provide the ability to drive sustainable efficiencies for IT, while driving enterprise leverage through the application of IT to the business

Business Consulting

Tecsource International Business consulting services focus on enhancing business performance of its clients by streamlining processes, reducing organizational risk and leveraging the global sourcing / outsourcing organizational model.

Quality Consulting

Tecsource International Quality Consulting activities helps to improve the IT Value for the customers, using custom built process solutions, giving customers a year round solution to address all their process needs.

Engineering & Industrial Services

Product & Process Engineering

Experience, innovation and dedication to testing and development enable Tecsource International Product & Process Engineering to offer the market`s widest range of technologies and applications.

Embedded Systems

Tecsource International has significant expertise in developing embedded applications for multimedia, digital video and mass storage. Embedded software is a highly specialized area of software development and closely linked with systems programming.

Plant Automation Services

Tecsource International provides Plant Automation Services to automate the existing manual services.

Enterprise Asset Management

Tecsource International provides Enterprise Asset Management which is an information management system that connects all departments and disciplines within the company, making them an integrated unit, which enables to produce more products of higher quality and with the limited resources.

IT Infrastructure

IT Outsourcing

An custom offshore software development company with professionalism in software development, desktop application development, E-commerce Software Solutions, Software Development Outsourcing, software maintenance, and it outsourcing for software development. As an custom software outsourcing consultant we offer software development including SEO friendly web development.


Tecsource International also provides support for network management.

Consulting and Integration

Tecsource International is in great position to serve the needs of the Clients by developing applications ground up or enhance the existing application due to ongoing changes in the business environments.

Hardware Support and Installation

Tecsource International also provides supports for Hardware and Software Installation.

Infrastructure Management

In today's volatile business world, enterprises face significant challenges in scaling and managing their global IT infrastructure. To meet these challenges, Tecsource International offers solutions in infrastructure areas for building and managing the enterprise IT infrastructure

Database Services

Tecsource International offers a complete range of database services. We can help you gather and document your business requirements, conduct use case studies, and design a high performance database or data warehouse solution for your business. Once the design process is complete, we can build you a fast, reliable custom database application and integrate it with your existing database software.


Offshore software development

Tecsource International immediate short-term access to a broad range of specialized technical skills and equipment. Offshore development allows the team to focus on core competencies. The product can be launched faster while maintaining your technological advantage.


Tecsource International is a leading provider of technical and IT staff solution. With customers ranging in size from startups to enterprises, we understand the ever increasing need for talented IT professionals in the development of new technologies. Tecsource International is in business to help you maintain your competitive advantage by cost-effectively delivering highly skilled consultants.

Back Office

Tecsource International is one of the companies, who specialize in providing viable back office operation solutions. By outsourcing the Company’s back office operations, the productivity can be increased and the business becomes flexible.

Engineering Services

Tecsource International provides services to enhance the productivity and reduce the cost of various software engineering activities, resulting in a better ROI.

Clinical Data Management

Tecsource International provides smart and innovative solutions to several leading healthcare organizations around the world. The Healthcare Practice provides a Clinical Data Management System for effective and efficient management of clinical data management process.

Statistical Analysis & Medical Writing

Tecsource International provides specialist talent for medical writing and technical editing related to the healthcare industry. Wecater to the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Life Sciences and Allied Health Sciences sectors to provide customized content.

IT Services

Application Development

Tecsource International provides affordable solutions to global organizations seeking software application development,JAVA,.NET & PHP programming, AJAX programming, web design and web development services, search engine optimization, Oracle applications-commerce solutions & consultancy services among others.

Maintenance Reengineering Testing

Tecsource International afford solution for migration and modernization; includes platform support research, functionality transfer review, risk assessment, cost analysis, implementation and new system optimization and tuning.

Enterprise Solutions

Tecsource International ERP Software Solution helps manufacturers or traders from small business to mid size enterprises see more clearly. Integration of data across the enterprise ensures that you have greater visibility in all areas of your business, from daily operations to a strategic decision level. Insight into production, inventory and financial data makes it easy to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvement.

Implementation Systems

Tecsource International also provides Implementation of system by acquiring hardware and software, developing and installing, the system is also tested and documented, people are trained to operate and use the system, and an organization converts to the use of a newly developed system.


Tecsource International offers Integration Services to effectively deal with business pressures, the company needs to transform itself into a leaner, faster and more agile enterprise. To get the right data to the right people at the right time, integration of IT components is essential. We enable integration and interoperability of systems with other systems in your ecosystem, including information interchange with your stakeholders systems We


Tecsource International LLC provides a variety of business solutions, such as IT Staffing, IT consulting / IT Outsourcing and IT Product Based Services/development.

IT Services

Asset Based Solutions

Global Consulting

Engineering & Industrial Services

IT Infrastructure


Business We Serve

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Boilers
  • Telecom
  • Government
  • Financial
  • Services
  • Energy and
  • Retail and Utilities
  • Consumer Goods
  • Media and
  • Entertainment
  • Manufacturing
  • Life Sciences
  • Healthcare
  • Hi Tech

Asset Based Solutions

  • IT Products
  • Product Based Services

Global Consulting

  • IT Consulting
  • Business Consulting
  • Quality Consulting

Engineering & Industrial Services

  • Product & Process Engineering
  • Embedded Systems
  • Plant Automation Services
  • Enterprise Asset Management

IT Services

  • Application Development
  • Maintenance Reengineering
  • Testing
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Implementation Systems
  • Integration


  • Offshore Development
  • Staffing
  • Back Office
  • Engineering Services
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Medical Writing

IT Infrastructure

  • IT Outsourcing, Network
  • Consulting and Integration
  • Hardware Support and Installation
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Database Services

Multi-Dimensional Strategy

  • Leverage global presence to win large deals
  • Partnerships & alliance approach for project wins
  • Build and leverage assets to penetrate more customers
  • Leverage experience in global engagements
  • Expand into new geographies
  • Focus on emerging growth engines
  • Continued M&A strategy to augment domain capabilities

Standard Methodologies

  • Agile Process.
  • Water Fall Method
  • RAD Method
  • Proto Type Method
  • Design Reusable Components
  • Function Point Analysis
  • N-Tier Architecture
  • — Usability
  • — Performance Improvement And Tuning